New Clients

Thank you for considering Colacino Tax for your tax preparation needs. Due to our heavy workload with our existing clientele and the impending April 15th filing deadline, we can no longer accept New Clients until after May 1st. However, if you would like to use our services, you may download a federal and state extension form from our website. Please rest assured that many Americans file an extension each year and it can be an excellent way to gain more time to give your tax return the proper attention.

Before you submit your tax documents, please upload a copy of your prior year’s tax return to our secure server to receive a cost estimate. This will ensure we offer our new clients a targeted and fair price before we begin the filing process. Please know this estimate can change depending on current year circumstances. You do not need to fill out an Individual Intake Form until you’ve received a quote and are ready to proceed.

In-Person Services

If you would like to come to our office and have your return prepared, please call the office at (718) 788-3308 to schedule an appointment. In-person new client appointments require more service and time than returning clients for their initial appointment. Our goal is to make sure we provide an efficient and satisfying experience.

Please visit our Forms page to access our “Individual Intake Form for New Clients.” You will need to print and fill this form out (and any other related forms you may need) and bring it to your tax appointment.

Remote Services

If you are unable to come to our office, you can submit your tax documents through our secure server and have them prepared remotely (please see instructions under “Ready to Begin?”). Remote clients receive the full attention to detail as in-person clients. Our staff will ensure exceptional service, and make your tax preparation process stress-free.

Alternative Options

Drop Off & Pick Up Service: No appointment necessary. Please check our office hours beforehand.

Mail: Colacino Tax, 304 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Fax: (718) 832-4924

Ready to begin?

To ensure a timely and accurate tax return process, please follow the steps below. 
Missing information and documents will delay the processing of your return.  

Step 1: Complete Intake Form

Your personal information is necessary to begin the processing of your return. For NY residents, a photo of your driver’s license (front and back) is required by the IRS. Please include this with your intake form.

Step 2: Submit Intake Form & Tax Documents

For your convenience, we have created an optional Tax Preparation Checklist to ensure you have all of your tax documents. You may submit this with your intake form. Self-employed individuals and those who own a rental property must submit forms associated with those endeavors—visit our Forms section to gather files you need.

When ready, please scan and submit your forms and documents together in one PDF file to our secure server. Take note that if you are including a self-employed income and expense sheet or rental income and expense sheet, please save these forms as a pdf file after completing and send each as a separate attachment when uploading to our server.

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After submission, you will receive two emails. The first is from Hightail Services confirming submission. The second is from a Colacino Tax representative confirming submission. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for initial confirmation receipts.  

Step 3: Preparation of your return

Once we have all of your documents we will begin the process of completing your return. This process starts with data entry and review of all your personal information and tax documents. It progresses to assessment and review of your income and deductions to ensure that your minimum legal tax liability is calculated. We ask for patience to fulfill this process in a timely fashion, and note that we will contact you only for more information or at the completion of your return.

Step 4: Completion and Payment

Once your tax return is completed, you will receive an email acknowledgement and a prompt to submit payment. Once payment is made, our office will send a password protected copy of your tax return to the email listed on the intake form. You may also pick up your return and pay at our office (please check office hours).

While we work hard to accommodate our clients individually during this very busy time, a big factor in keeping our prices competitive is to not have consultations concerning the outcome of your return. Please know that if a conversation is warranted with a client, we will reach out to set up time for review. If you have a tax related question, please include this with your form and tax documents upon submission.