Submit Documents

If you need to submit documents and / or forms, or have already submitted, but need to include additional items, please submit to: 

Hightail secure file upload link
(opens in new tab)

Please state the following information with the documents:

• Name (both if a joint return)
• Type of form/document
• Phone number to reach you in the event of questions  

If the tax return is still in its processing phase no charge will incur. However, if the return is completed and filed, you may have to amend the return and file again.

In this instance, our staff will check if it is necessary to include the form on your tax return. Due to income limits, it may not make a difference in your return. If the document is required, we will prepare the amendment and we will contact you with any changes to federal and/or state prior to the filing process. The starting price for an amendment is $100.00.